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Follow the adventures of Dr. A Cappella, an italian roboticist and crime lord, his faithful and cookie obcessed assistant Calore, and the evil force known as Forte as they go day by day in their zanny 8-bit World. Leave what you know of Megaman behind...because I'm bound to do some damage to your poor, poor minds ^_^

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April 12th, 2014, 7:15 am

Sorry bout hiatus

I was planning on starting the comic back up once 2014 hit, but then I ran into a creative snag in both it and my other hobbies, and so kind of...completely spaced that I was even working on this. I have some comics already made, but I want to get some more finished before I start putting them up again.

If I can get myself to remember to work on spriting, I should be starting it back up at the beginning of June.

December 6th, 2013, 12:20 am

Season 2 Will Start Next Year!!

This comic has been, essentially, for nearly two years done and complete. I'd always figured that even if I ever did come back to spriting, I wouldn't come back to this comic itself.

Well, I've changed my mind.

I intend to revive this long dead comic and restore it to life, with updates starting sometime next year! Whether or not they'll start in January or not depends on how much work I can get done, as I am also going to be working on something different, as well as a MLP FIM fanfic that's pretty popular.

So, for those of you who are fans and who actually check things, look forward to this comic showing back up in your favorites!

November 2nd, 2011, 11:03 pm

Public Service Announcement

Firstly, as you may have figured out, the comic is continuing. Secondly, the update schedule has changed. You should also notice a lack of comments from me on each of the most recent comics. This is because I've switched to, for the moment, writing my thoughts in the alt text blurb thing you get when you roll your mouse over the comic.

Now, once the Wily Storyline ends, we will be going into the Roll's Day out Storyline. I hope to finish that one and keep going with the comic, with the new update schedule hopefully helping me feel less pressured.

You'll also notice with the begining of Roll's day out storyline, that the format has changed. No longer shall i have the banner at the bottom. Not only that, but you shall see a special surprise!!

Anyways, make sure to comment on comics. I thirst for your feedback!!!

Oh! And the comic is currently set til December 21st! WOOT!!

October 21st, 2011, 7:15 pm

The Fate of the comic

Alright folks, its time to confess something.

I've lost all motivation to continue this comic. I do not, and have not, felt like making or completing a strip for this comic in months. I just do not have the inspiration or motivation to keep it going.

Wait wait, don't get that look (if your getting it) I have no intentions of deleting the comic. I'm not going to do that like I did with my first comic (though that was a pretty terrible one looking back...)

No, what I really need to do decide is if I should even bother finishing this storyline that the comic is in. I have the strips that have the sprites and text in, and there are some I need to finish adding the text to, but this current storyline is finished. I just need to know if I should go ahead and finish those comics.

Your all familiar with my I don't care what you think attitude regarding my comic. This is true, I don't care if you love or hate my comic. But I do like to hear what people think about it. I like to know whether or not someone likes my work, and silence doesn't really inspire me to do much.

This is not me asking for a sudden flood of comments. I'm just wanting to know if I should try to keep this comic going, if I should go ahead and put up the rest of the storyline, or just leave the comic as is. I'm basically asking if people are still interested in this comic, or if they've basically forgotten it for the most part.

So, its up to those of you who still have this comic favorited, or who check up on it every now and then, and even those of you who are just now finding and reading it. What fate will this comic have? Please voice your opinion, as if I get no opinion I may actually consider removing it.

July 5th, 2011, 5:15 pm

The Fate of the comic

Hey Folks, its Kuragari. I have Bad news, and potentially worse news.

The first is that the comic is not going to have any story updates anytime in the next week, maybe two. The rest of the Wily Storyline will be completed before the end of the month, but that could be at the very last instant before the month of august starts. Question comics will continue, and will be uploaded as if they had occured in the daily progression as usual. So will the rest of the Wily Storyline.

The second that I don't know if I want to keep working on the comic.

Ever since I got my nightshift job, I've been really busy, and really tired. Not only that, my desire and drive to make the comic a daily comic has turned something I enjoyed into effectively a second job (because unless I force myself to build up the caches, the comic would probably only update every week). But thats not the real problem.

I just am not getting the motivation to keep making the comics. And I believe a large part of it is the lack of feedback.

Even though I don't care what people think about my comic, I still would like to know what they think of it. Hearing comments and feedback from people is the way I am able to tell that someone is reading the comic. The views count means nothing to me, only the fan count and the number of comments.

I don't expect dozens of comments for every page, but a part of me wishes people would say more about what they think of the comics.

So, here's the status of the comic.

-The comic will have this current storyline finished sometime this month.
-I do have the next storyline planned out, and an outline for the one following that. But...

-At the same time, I don't really feel the inspiration or joy that I normally get out of making the comics
-I feel that I have only a few fans, despite the fan count telling me I have 48. If I offend any of my fans with this or my earlier comment, I apologize,
-My normal routine of forcing myself to make the comics is not working.

With these in mind, I intend to take a month to consider exactly what I want to do with the comic. Comments from you the readers will of course effect my decision. Now, I would like to state that I have no intention of deleting this comic, nor do I intend to permanantly abandon it (not yet anyways) However, the current fate of the comic is in limbo. I may end up doing some sort of revised update schedule, like 3 comics a week, or just slowly build up the cache over the period of a month or two and set it to have updated daily anyways.

or something like that. Or, I may take a somewhat indefinite hiatus until I can get the motivation back.

At any rate, I felt I owed everyone an explanation as to why the comic hasn't been updating, and how things are going. Hope more people come up with questions, as I would like to still do the six question page things.

June 8th, 2011, 8:01 pm

Hiatus moved

Hey Folks, if you read the comic's profile description, you'll notice the hiatus notifier has been updated. This is because I managed to get more comics made to fill this month out.

I shall indefinitively leave the hiatus notifier as a notice to both readers and myself how many comics I have and how much time I have to build my cache up. Luckily, my job has at Walmart has oddly enough convinced me too focus solely on the web comic. From today onward, I am setting myself up with a system.

June 9th-Ready ten comics (place sprites and write up diaologue) Add dialogue to comic if I have time

June 10th-Add Dialogue if not done previous day, if time left set up the next ten.

The plan I have at current is to end up with a grand total of 180 comics before the end of June, finished and ready to be uploaded and set to update. Not sure if I can pull it off, but I seem to be in an spriting mood of late. Seems to be more fun after a day of helping a store remodel.

So, for now, the comic shall continue till June 30th, and it shall remain that way until I get the next 30 comics done. So Good bye for now, off to start getting ready for work.

June 1st, 2011, 8:59 pm

Searching for Cameos!

Hey folks. First, the current semi-imminent hiatus state is in question, as I hve finally found both time and motivation to get he ball rolling regarding th cache of comics.

Second, please excuse any typos in this news post. My labtop's keyboard has been acting up.

Ayways, on to the main thing. After the Great Nerd storyline comes the 2nd half of the Wily Mechinatons storyline. Folloing that however, shall be a storyline entitled "Roll's Day". And rather han make a numbr of generic people sprites to fill the role of NPC's, and make it a bit ore exciting by having cameo's fill that role.

So, if your interested in cameoing in the comic, PM your sprites and I'll put you in. The slots needed at current (as the storyline is till in plannin are)

Girl who Roll is friends with-
Person spouting crazy end of the world stuff-
and at least 4 or five NPC's who are just standing around or walking in th background.

May 18th, 2011, 3:39 pm


Hey readers. I've recently managed to get a job at a wal-mart working the graveyard shift, so I'm working from 11pm to 8am. So, I've been very tired, and not really all that motivated to do much. Which is unfortunate as I was just getting ready to get started on the next cache of comics.

So, in an effort to give me one less thing to worry about, and therefore give me more time to get used to my new schedule and job, I am putting this comic on hiatus. Starting June 9, the comic will no longer update daily. June 9th is the last comic of the great nerd storyline, so I chose it to be the day I let the comic go into hiatus. I will work on getting a cache built up during the hiatus time when i can, and I intend to bring the comic back up starting August 1st.

Until both dates, enjoy the rest of the great nerd storyline, and make sure to read and comment on the comics. Oh, and don't forget to tell your friends about this comic!

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